Wyndham Rainbow Neighbours Inc


Statement of Purposes

1. To nurture an atmosphere reflecting an inclusive, supportive environment for all individuals envisioning a social group for the residents of the Wyndham GLBTIQ Community that is friendly, welcoming, non- judgemental and supportive.

2. To socially as well as politically represent the Wyndham GLBTIQ community in a professional manner. This will be achieved through a conciliatory and non- emotive strategic plan. We aim to eliminate social isolation through dinners, lunches, community events for the whole community, to be held in the Wyndham area consequently increasing acceptance, respect, integrity and creating space for diversity within our municipality.

3. We will facilitate gateways to support, education and medical health education leading to increased literacy in informed decision making around aspects of health and well-being.

4. To provide active support to all parties wanting factual and incisive information about GLBTIQ groups in the Wyndham City region.

5. Act as an Advisory service to the City of Wyndham and associated business community.

6. Foster a cohesive and professional environment which supports GLBTIQ values ensuring a culture of mutual respect, equity, safety and open communication.

7. Actively promote the Wyndham Rainbow Neighbours group, as an integral part of the Wyndham City political and community at large and serve the needs of the wider QLBTIQ community.